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Posted on November 3, 2017 at 9:50 AM


ANCHOR SCRIPTURES: Gen. 32:24-30; 1 Chro. 4:10; Oba. 1:17-18

1. Fire of revival, my life is available, possess me now.

2. Every wickedness of the wicked fashioned against me, backfire in Jesus’ name.

3. Let every evil consultation against my life fail woefully in Jesus’ name.

4. Let the activities of every full-time agent of the devil against my life backfire.

5. Angry spirits that dealt with my ancestors, and now after my life, I am not your candidate, leave me alone in Jesus’ name.

6. Polygamous witchcraft of my father’s house, die.

7. Ancestral powers of my father’s, saying it is not yet my turn to succeed; expire in Jesus’ name.

8. Attackers of my glory, today is your end in Jesus’ name.

9. Inheritance of shame and reproach, I am no longer your candidate.

10. Power that disgraced Haman, arise and disgrace my enemies today, in Jesus mighty name.

11. Let the helpers of my destiny manifest and locate me now, in Jesus name.

12. Let the present negative situations and circumstances of my life, obey and bow to my destiny.

13. Father, deliver me from a life of perpetual struggle; take me to my place of rest, in Jesus name.

14. Father, deliver me from the delay caused by human wickedness.

15. As the Lord liveth, never will my background have reason to put my back on the ground, in Jesus name.

16. My low introduction in life will never affect or determine my conclusion in life.

17. I intentionally today withdraw my membership of family and community evil corporate solidarity, in Jesus’ name.

18. All present manifestations and expressions of membership of evil corporate destiny: be destroyed by God’s fire right now.

19. By violence, I pull out my life from family and community collective captivity right now.

20. Let the blood of Jesus purge my life of any identifiable mark of family corporate solidarity, in Jesus name.

21. By faith, I reaffirm my membership of the commonwealth of Israel under father Abraham.

22. As a member of the commonwealth of Israel, I appropriate to my life the blessings of Abraham.

23. Any covenant still holding me attached to an evil corporate destiny, break by the anointing in Jesus’ name.

24. I receive a flow of God’s blessings and power on the account of my membership of Gethsemane Prayer Ministries corporate destiny.

25. Let every promise, prophesy, and pronouncement of God over my life become speedy performance in this season, in Jesus’ name.

26. From henceforth, I will no longer share in the evil fate of my family and community members.

27. Every household and workplace wickedness that has made my case a full time job, receive complete paralysis in Jesus’ name.

28. My destiny, my destiny, my destiny! Be attack resistant this year in Jesus’ name.

29. I uproot any evil programme that has been programmed to occur in this month every year in Jesus’ name.

30. According to Exodus 23 and Psalms 91:16, I have long life; therefore, I speak to any death before my God appointed season; be cancelled right now in Jesus’ name.

31. I consciously pull out my life and destiny from any family or community corporate solidarity.

32. I refuse to identify with family and community failure, sickness, affliction and death in Jesus’ name.

33. Any evil personality hanging around me as a friend; be disgraced and exposed by fire.

34. Any evil seed in my body, soul and spirit waiting to manifest in disaster; die by fire right now.

35. My destiny, my destiny, my destiny! Jump out of any evil altar right now.

36. My glory, my glory, my glory! Come out of the grave right now.

37. Every wicked spirit sent to attack me; receive terror and confusion and return to attack your sponsor with fury, in Jesus’ name.

38. Any power that has vowed to die instead of seeing my glory; what are you waiting for, die as you have said.

39. Every sponsor of the siege in my life; receive madness in Jesus’ name.

40. You evil power behind my present ordeal; fall down and die in Jesus mighty name.

41. Shame, disgrace and embarrassment, arise now and clothe my enemies.

42. Shame, disgrace and embarrassment, arise and depart to the house of my adversaries.

43. You wicked powers that dealt with others, but now after me; my life is not your candidate, be drunk with madness from this moment.

44. Thou angry spirit standing at the gate of my house, shop, and church; die in Jesus’ name.

45. You wicked power that dealt with my father, and mother and my other siblings but now after my life; my life is not your candidate, die.

46. My glory, come out of the grave and water, by fire in Jesus’ name.

47. Thou angry spirit standing at the gate of my father’s house; die in Jesus’ name.



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