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Posted on March 15, 2018 at 8:15 AM


(Offloading Parental / Generational Excess Baggage)



• And as I may so say, Levi also, who receiveth tithes, payed tithes in Abraham. For he was yet in the loins of his father, when Melchisedec met him (Heb. 7:9-10).


• For if the firstfruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches (Rom. 11:16).


Every human life or destiny is built upon a foundation, just as every tree is sustained by its roots. To address human problems objectively, it is always necessary to consider the foundation or roots upon which the life of a particular the person is resting. While some foundations or roots can facilitate progress, others can hinder progress the way an excess load upon a fellow can hinder his physical speed or locomotion. Parental or generational excess baggage has been a major cause of limitation or frustration for many destinies. The fruits of our lives are often the manifestations of our roots. Generally, the life of a tree is greatly determined by what is underground. The nourishment, stability, durability, resistance to crisis etc, will depend on what is underground – the ROOTS. You should work out your life. If not, you are preparing for failure, frustration and depression. Old age cannot stand a wasted life. My prayer and desire for you is that your life will be a much better improvement over all your ancestor’s lives.




1. Your pedigree, ancestry or bloodline.

2. Your environment.

3. Your efforts.

4. Your helpers.

5. The level of God's grace and mercy upon your life.



We will use typical examples at airports and bus stations:

1. Extra loads carried along on a journey.

2. Loads that are in excess of the allowable weights or limits.

3. Loads you have to pay extra money for.

4. Loads that might be too heavy for you alone to carry.

5. Extra loads that are probably sent through you to be delivered to others. They may not necessarily belong to you.


The geneological account of Abraham in the book of Genesis 11:10-30, clearly identifies where the spectacular barrenness in Abraham bloodline began. From this scripture, we can clearly infer that every one of the ancestors of Abraham from Shem to Nahor had their first borns within the bracket of ages 29 to 35. All of them became matrimonially fruitful as soon as they got married. It was at the time of Terah, the father of Abraham and the 9th generation to Abraham that the misfortune of generational barrenness started. Terah finally had Abraham at age seventy (Gen 11:26).

If Terah got married at the average family marriage age of 30 as I imagine, then he clearly had a delay of forty long years. Unfortunately, the name 'Terah' also means 'delay' in Hebrew. So from Terah to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob (through Rachael), we observe a pattern of transgeneration barrenness. Abraham seemed to have waited for over 70 years before becoming a father. Isaac had a 40 year delay. Rachael, the beloved wife of Jacob was barren for an unspecified number of years.

Thankfully and mercifully, this trend and evil pattern was broken by Joseph.

Father Terah was therefore the source of the transgenerational excess baggage of barrenness in the Abrahamic bloodline.

D. THE EXAMPLE OF JUDAH'S BLOODLINE (Gen. 38:1-26; 49:8-10)

According to the blessings of Jacob upon the tribe of Judah, the tribe should be the one that other tribes bestow praises upon. It is also the tribe that should bear the scepter of leadership in Israel. This tribe should be in Israel like a lion as king of the jungle. However, the man Judah (the ancestral head) committed a blunder by sleeping with his daughter-in-law (incest). He was in the habit of sleeping with harlots. This made him to easily fall into his daughter-in-law's (Tamar) sexual trap.

This error of Judah became a foundational gate of evil excess baggage for his descendants. David fell into adultery with Bathsheba and even killed her husband to cover up the sin (2Sam. 11:1-5). David and his sons really had serious problems with women. His first son Amnon committed incest. Another son, Absalom committed state sponsored and state supervised adultery. Adonijah died over women issues. Solomon the younger son of David could not control his passion and appetite for women and sexual lust (2Kings 11:1-8). He needed 1000 women to keep him going. His record of polygamy has not been matched by anyone on record. Sexual immorality became an excess baggage in the generation of Judah because of his error. Judah's descendants paid dearly for the excess baggage he handed down to them.

E. EXAMPLE OF THE SINS OF JEROBOAM (1Kings 13:31; 15:34; 16:2, 19, 26, 31; 21:22; 2Kings 15:28; 17:21, 22)

Jeroboam the son of Nebat was a king in Israel that started official idolatry in the northern kingdom of Israel. Jeroboam did not only commit the worst forms of idolatry and paganism in Israel, he also made the people of Israel to sin abominably before the Lord. Jeroboam earned himself the epithet of 'the king that made Israel to sin against God.'

Jeroboam laid a foundation of abominable idolatry on the throne of Israel that lasted about 400 years. Consequently, all 18 other kings that sat on that throne were compelled by his idolatrous foundation to sin against God. Some of them might have had the intention of serving and pleasing the Lord, but they were arrested by the idolatrous excess baggage of the throne. In addition to their own personal weaknesses, the succeeding kings acquired the excess baggage deposited on the throne by Jeroboam. It was a throne that made even good kings to end badly – enmeshed in the bondage of idolatry.


From observation and experience, it seems that everyone has his or her own peculiar share of life challenges, weaknesses or afflictions. For some people, their peculiar life challenge may be migraine headache, ulcer, eye problem, delay in life, hypertension, resentment, rejection, moral weakness, recurrent losses, etc. However, if problems like cancer, diabetes, sexual immorality, premature death, heart problems, endemic poverty, perpetual struggle, or matrimonial frustration, run in a family, they may constitute excess baggage to a fellow who already has his own share of life's problems. The fellow is compelled by family heredity and inheritance to carry a load that was never meant for him.


1. Heredity or Genetic Transfer/In the Loins....

Let us attempt to prove this point from the Abrahamic bloodline experience in the scriptures.

The book of Hebrews 7:9-10, make us to understand that Levi, a forth generation offspring of Abraham was in the loins of Abraham when Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedeck. This simply means, the genes that formed Levi was in existence in Abraham when he took the spiritual action of paying tithes. The issue of being in the loins of someone is a serious matter. People find themselves strangely doing what their grand parents did, though they might never have met them. We all need to understand this so as to be able to interpret ourselves. These family or bloodline traits, if they are negative, must be decisively dealt with, because left on their own, they will continue from generation to generation. People can also be affected through the avenue of marriage because the two married persons are now one flesh. When you marry, you have married the history of your partner. It matters who your partner’s parents and grandparents were.

One final illustration from the Abrahamic family line will still throw more light on this issue of heredity or genetic transfer.

In Genesis 12: 10-20, we find Abraham telling lies to Egyptians that Sarah was not his wife. About 40 years later, Isaac, his son told a similar lie to king Abimelech in Genesis 26: 6-11. Then 60 years later, Rebecca, Jacob's mother, and her son Jacob, deceived Isaac in Genesis 27.

One hundred years later, Laban, the brother of Rebecca and uncle of Jacob, deceived Jacob (Gen 29:15-27).

To further express the transfer of the obvious oil of transgeneration lying and deception in the family line, 120 years later, Jacob's 10 sons deceived him about Joseph, their brother (Gen. 37:26-35).

Finally, many, many years later, Judas, from the tribe of Judah betrayed Jesus through deception.

I am also personally aware of individuals who have inherited generational problems/afflictions like diabetes, cancer, blindness and heart problems from their parents, without knowing. And this subsequently became additional or excess life luggage they had to deal with and carry in addition to their own peculiar challenges.

2. Parental Sins

Parental sins is a major factor in the transfer of parental excess baggage. When the children repeat or commit the same sins their father/mother committed, their affliction may be automatically transferred to these children.

3. Family Demons or Familiar Spirits

Family demons aid in identifying and marking out family members and subsequently afflicting them with family afflictions, if they are not serious, informed and prayerful Christians.



We have stated and proved that it is possible to inherit afflictions from bloodline. Such afflictions can be natural diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cancer and others. There can also be afflictions like mental ailments that may pass through family line. When someone has a mental affliction, the ministration to that person must be extended to other members of the family up the line or down the line. Whatever is the cause must be terminated at the family level. In Yoruba land in times past, when a suitor comes to indicate an interest in a lady for marriage, the lady's family would make a research into the family history of the intending husband. They would want to find out if there ever was a family member who was had leprosy or mental affliction. No matter how rich the family may be, if there is a record of such affliction, the marriage would not be allowed. This is because these traditional people know that such afflictions are transferable through the blood line.

If there is a family known to us with two ladies afflicted with mental depression, or only one person is afflicted with such afflictions, it is advisable that deliverance ministration should not be done for only the person that is affected, but for the whole family. The minister should include the next generations in the deliverance and break any cycle that may be involved. It may be a curse.

It has also been observed that families where one member was a witch doctor who specialized in treating mentally deranged people, may also have someone up the line in the family that may be afflicted with mental problem.

In the course of ministering to a woman some years ago, a demon said it came inside her through the mothers blood line and had been passing through the bloodline for about 300 years down the line.

Problems like drunkenness may also be inherited. There is this family whose head was a cursed drunkard. It was as if he was afflicted with drunkenness. He was a fisher man. He would go to the lagoon, bring in plenty of fish, sell and go straight to use all the money to drink local gin - ogogoro. He would be drinking all day till about 11pm, return home drunk, sleep and wake up 5am to go to lagoon again. This was his daily routine till he died. He never achieved anything in life. His one bedroom house collapsed on him. His firstborn son, even though he did not grow up with the father, but grew in a far distant town, lived the same life. His third son, also living away from the father, lived the same life style till he was poisoned through drinks and died. Their last born is also a heavy drinker today. The small house he also built is also collapsing on his head. There is no natural explanation for this problem. It has passed through the bloodline. It wasn't a habit they learnt or developed. They simply found themselves bound with this malady. They never learned this from the father. They simply inherited this lifestyle and find it extremely impossible to break it. Counselling cannot help the family. If this pattern is not broken spiritually in violent warfare prayers, the grandchildren are likely to begin to struggle with the same problem.


1. Genuine salvation in Christ.

2. Spiritual empowerment through the Holy Spirit and a life of consistent prayer.

3. Regular and sufficient intake of God's word.

4. A holy life style.

5. Genuine repentance from the sins of the fathers and mothers.

6. Intentional disconnection from evil family altars, covenants, curses, habits and traditions.

7. A deliberate choice to forsake the sins of the fathers and mothers.

8. Conscious deliverance from all noticeable and observable negative family patterns and traits.

9. A life of total commitment to God, faith living, hard work, healthy living, and good eating habits.

10. Regular application for the baptism of God's grace and mercy.





ANCHOR SCRIPTURES: Prov. 6:4-5; Isa. 49:24-26; Lam. 2:18-19; Obad. 1:17-18; Luke 3:9; Acts 2:21.


1. I……………………………. repent today from the sins of my fathers and mothers, up to ten generations on both sides of my families.

2. Father, in Jesus name and through His blood, forgive and cleanse us.

3. I disconnect my life and destiny and the lives of my children from every family line spiritual unbilical cord which has served as a foundational gate of family pattern affliction. I cut it off in Jesus name.

4. I also command every embeded evil seed of sin and affliction in our genes and bodies to die totally by God's holy fire, in Jesus mighty name.

5. According to Isaiah 40:24, no generational evil seed and roots shall henceforth flourish in our lives. Let them wither and die permanently in Jesus name.

6. In Jesus name, and according to Matthew 15:13 and Luke 3:9, I lay God's spiritual axe upon these unprofitable family trees from my bloodline, family link and from my own life, and I cut off the flow of evil covenants and curses, fruitless hard labour, impossibility and near success syndrome, sorrow, perpetual struggle and failure, limitation and non-achievement, destiny stagnation, barrenness of all types, unfruitfulness, lack of spiritual seriousness, backsliding, confusion, foolishness frustration, shame and disgrace, endemic poverty, imbecility and foolishness, sickness and infirmity of all types, rejection and disfavor, matrimonial delay and frustration, divorce and broken marriages, perpetual singleness, sudden or premature deaths, perpetual hardship and mediocrity, badluck and misfortune, mental and nervous breakdown, hatred and resentment, non-performance and dishonor, obscurity, spiritual dwarfism, drunkenness, gambling, stealing, violence, sexual immorality and sexual perversion, fetish practice, occult involvement and witchcraft tendencies, victimization and stigmatization of all types, accidents and disasters of all categories, in Jesus mighty name.

7. From today, I…………………………………………..disconnect myself and my seed from all these, forever and ever, in Jesus name.



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