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An altar is a gateway between the realm of the spirit and the earth realm that grants unhindered access to certain spirit beings to find legal expression in the earth.

An altar is a landing or access spot for spirits in the earthly realm. The inhabitants of the earth desire interaction with the spirits for assistance in manifesting possibilities. These spirit beings dictate the conditions (tokens and sacrifices) in order to manifest and make their altar habitation conducive. An altar is sacred and it's only an altar because of the presence of the sacrifice it carries. The sacrifice empowers the altar. So, we can define an altar as a sacred elevated platform where sacrifices and offerings are offered to gods, deities or spirits so as to open unseen doors in the realm of the spirit.

Altars are either highways for angelic traffic or demonic traffic into a territory, domain or throne.

Two Greek words for altar are mizbeah and bama, and they occur about 433 times in the King James Version of the Bible. This evidently underscores the spiritual and even physical significance of altars.



Whoever raises or ministers as a priest at the altar controls the land, the structures, the organizations, and the people. The reason why traditional kings, chiefs, occultists, mullahs, marabous and satanic prophets wield so much power, influence and control is because they raise and function at very powerful altars. Thus they become the “true landlords”. On the other hand, believers appear to have so little influence on the land and governments, inspite of their superior spiritual power. The reason is clear our altars cannot match their altars in terms of total dedication and commitment to altars. This shows the need of the church to raise fresh and powerful altars and strengthen the existing ones around. We also need to understand that the altars and their priesthood most times decide who bears leadership rule in many parts of Africa. The thrones are set-up by altars, and the altars decide who sits on them. Therefore, if the Church will place men in positions of leadership and rulership in the land, it must begin at the altar.

Our present day assignment as either 'professional' intercessors, evangelistic intercessors, prophetic intercessors, apostolic intercessors or pastoral intercessors is to prayerfully discern and locate the various satanic and ancestral altars powering the various thrones in our localities, cities and nation through deliberate spiritual mapping, and destroy them. Then we can proceed to raise stronger godly altars in their place. This will eventually lead to power shift, first in the realm of the spirit, and afterwards physically.

Elijah made the mistake of not destroying the altars behind the throne of Ahab after killing all the prophets of Baal. He left those altars still standing. As expected, Queen Jezebel drew power, strength and reinforcement from these altars to harass and torment the servant of God. Elijah, with all his anointing and prophetic power became someone fleeing before an enraged and possessed woman.

This strange phenomenon may perhaps explain why it is the Caliphate Throne and it's enabling altars that bear rule most times in our nation, and are even at the present not only ruling, but are also striking fear and terror in the hearts of Nigerians everywhere through their rampaging kidnapper and killer herdsmen foot soldiers.

Our battle henceforth must therefore assume the dimension of 'Altar versus Altar' before our nation can be set free.




As soon as God entered into a covenant with Abraham promising him and his offsprings the ownership of land of Canaan, Abraham without much hesitation, proceeded to build altars on the land (Gen. 12:1-8; 13:18), thus spiritually securing the land. During his life time, Abraham raised three main altars on the land of Canaan. Isaac took over from where his father stopped and built an altar on the same parcel of land (Gen. 26:23-25). Jacob, Isaac's second son completed the family practice of erecting altars to secure Canaan by building three main altars himself (Gen. 28: 10-2; 33:18-20; 35:6-15). So in three generations, we have seven altars - a perfect number, signifying that Canaan's land was eternally secured for Abraham's children - the Israelites. That's why no one or power can permanently take away Canaan from the Israelites. The land is perpetually covenanted to the God of Israel in heaven. And He watches over it.


When functional altars (shrines) or groves are built on a land, several spiritual things are set into motion within that vicinity because:

1. An altar is a place of sacrifice and offerings to the god(s) of your covenant (territorial spirits).

2. An altar is a place of contact with the spirit world. It is a place of trafficking of either angels or evil spirits (Gen. 28: 12).

3. An altar is a place of servicing of covenants

4. A functional altar activates ancestral covenants and stirs up the operation of community or territorial spirits.

5. An altar is a place of invocation – a place where you can call up your god or deity into manifestation (Gen. 12:8).

Church altars are a typical example of where spiritual invocations are made. Important spiritual functions like solemnization of marriages, children dedications, ordinations and ministrations are usually performed at altar locations in our churches. God and evil spirits respond to altars very quickly. Hence, we see God reacting favourably to a functional altar Noah built unto Him after the flood (Gen. 8:20-22). Similarly, Balaam knew that before he could successfully curse the Israelites, he had to raise altars. He begged that seven altars be built for him and seven rams and seven oxen be sacrificed thereupon (Num. 23: 1-3; 27-30; 24.1). As he attempted to invoke the spirit of witchcraft for enchantments, God stopped him. He knew he could not operate without altars.

So it is from these types of altars and high places on various parcels of land in Africa that terrible rituals are performed and serious invocations made regularly, thus bringing the land under a perpetual covering of darkness and captivity.

6. When you raise an altar on a portion of land, you are indirectly drawing that land into a covenant with the god or spirits you are serving. So lands with evil altars and high places on them are covenanted lands to dark spirits and powers.

7. Mountain, hill or elevated platform altars called high places are spiritual transmission stations. They transmit spiritual power, signal and information far and wide.

8. Altars are entry points (gateways) of spirits to the earth.

9. An altar is a place to draw power and strength (Isa. 40:28-31, Psa. 84:7, Rev. 14:18).

10. Evil altars are major hindrances to community, family and personal development and breakthrough.

11. Altars are launching pads for many spiritual operations and attacks. Most spiritual attacks we experience are mainly altar sponsored.

12. Evil altars have special hatred for progress and are the major sponsors of divers tragedies, epidemics and endemic poverty.

13. Evil altars harden people's heart against the gospel of Christ.

14. Evil altars are major reasons for stunted church growth and poor church attendance.

15. Closed heavens in nations, cities and communities are most times traceable to the presence of evil altars in these areas.

16. Wicked, godless and corrupt leaders and rulers draw their power mainly from evil altars.

17. The strength of an altar determines he who wins spiritual battles. With a weak and an ineffective personal altar, a Christian becomes very vulnerable to satanic altars of affliction.

18. Destinies of nations, cities and individuals are sometimes determined at the altars.

19. For the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord, we MUST intentionally pull down the evil altars, gates and thrones established by the wicked, and then raise new ones to God. When men on earth raise a righteous altar unto God. It becomes a gateway for heaven and God can release His blessing there. This altar will also ensure a quick and effective territorial possession of the environment or territory.

20. When unrighteous or idolatrous altars are raised in a place, curse, confusion, calamity, anarchy, chaos, bloodshed, death, and satanic reign take over the territory. This possibly explains the reason for the usual clamour and frenzied eagerness of Muslims to build mosques (altars) in any new location they find themselves, an already existing and nearby mosque notwithstanding. This is done for only purposely to dominate, possess and take over land. Thus, you find mosques in almost every government secretariat, government houses, academic institutions, factories, airports, seaports and market places. Nigeria's presidential headquarters, the Aso Rock Villa in Abuja, alone has about three or four mosques and only one Christian (altar) church! Any wonder!


Basically altars are raised at three main levels:

1. Territorial Altars

Altars erected mainly on land, in houses, forests, cross-roads, markets and on mountain sides and tops of hills.

2. Marine Altars

Altars placed within water bodies - oceans, streams, wells, lakes and rivers (This is a haven for marine spirits that afflict several marine or riverine communities). Pharaoh of Egypt drew much of his satanic powers from the waters (Exodus 7: 14-15, 8:20).

3. Astral Altars

These are spiritual altars placed in many heavenly bodies such as the sun, the moon and the stars by secret satanic words and enchantments. This is where many rulers draw their power from. Many of them can't do without the services of stargazers, horoscopes and the like (Daniel 2:2; Genesis 1:14-18; Job 38:31-33; Judges 5:20).

Consequently, in strategic level warfare, we have to deal with altars or gates into the land, into the waters and into the heavens, before national, community and township emancipation can be effected.


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